The A Game of Thrones Photo Booth is a portable canvas kiosk, containing a licensed replica of the Iron Throne. The size of the photo booth is 10X10X10 feet. It will attract fans of the show who seek to be photographed sitting on the device, against a variety of backgrounds.


Article 1

The consumer will be afforded three basic photographic options. Included within them may be appropriate 11th and 12th century Royal Regalia, such as:

  • Robes

  • Crowns

  • Costume jewellery

  • Sceptre

  • Armaments

  • Armour


Article 2

For value received, the consumer will be afforded five image reproduction alternatives, and any of their contributions.


  1. Receive the digital image by email.

  2. Transfer the image to their smart phone.

  3. Receive a printed copy of the photograph, immediately subsequent to their photo shoot.

  4. Transfer the photograph to a T-shirt.

  5. Transfer the photograph to a mug.

Article 3

Signage and colours will mirror that accordant with A Game Of Thrones established production values.